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12 months ago

GreeNeem Spices

We are leading exporters of Indian Chilli whole with stem and without stem along with other spices like dry turmeric, ginger, and pulses cereals, grains, etc.

Any interest for the same is highly appreciated.

2 years ago

Bio Pots

The CoCo Coir Pot is a biodegradable cultivation pot made of plant(CoConut) fibers. 


It is used for horticulture, in ornamental plant, vine and tree nurseries, as well as for the domestic gardening market. 


It has exceptionally high permeability to water, air and roots. CoCo Coir Pot is used by those looking for faster cultivation, an excellent root system and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting.

2 years ago

GreeNeem Coir

Neem Coir - 100% Natural Eco Friendly Organic Multi Purpose Growing medium/Potting medium made from renewable Coir and Harnessed with the Neem power to exhibit Pest repellent and Nematicides property.


GreeNeem Coir is a Careful Blend of a very Special Grade of CoCo Coir and GreeNeem Cakes.


Coir is fiber, processed from the coconut husk. It is a fine, flaky bye-product. It is a high quality vegetable fiber.

2 years ago

Universal Animal and Poultry Bedding Medium

We produce and export Non Toxic Biodegradable Natural Plant Fiber product, from renewable source (Coir) which is free from clay, chemical, fragrance, dust as Bedding for all kinds of Animals, Poultry and Pets.  It is safe, soft, pleasant, long lasting, fully compostable and controls odor. 

2 years ago

Eco Soft Cat Litter

GreeNeem Eco Soft  Cat Litter or Kitty Litter is Non Toxic Biodegradable Natural Plant Fiber product , from renewable source (Coir) and is free from clay, chemical, fragrance, dust.  It is safe, soft, pleasant, long lasting, fully compostable and controls odor. Can be used for other small animals and pets. 

2 years ago

Hydro Seeding Mulch

Hydro Seeding Mulch is granule plant fiber mulch and is 100% natural, eco friendly and biodegradable.  Holds soil in place more effectively than paper mulch and wood mulch. When mixed with seed and fertilizer, it forms a homogeneous slurry that ensures evenly distributed strand of grass. Comes in granule form and is easier and saves transportation. These sterile mulch holds ten times moisture of its weight and the seed survival rate is highest.

2 years ago

650gm CoCo Peat Bricks

We produce and export 650gm CoCo Peat Bricks for various applications like potting medium for pot plants, earth worm bedding medium, hydroponic applications, etc.

2 years ago

Coir Disc for Propagation trays

We produce and export various sizes of Coir discs of different diameters like 50mm, 40mm, 22.5mm and Biodegradable Grow plugs for plant propagation industry. 

2 years ago

CoCo peat / Coir Peat Organic Multi Purpose Plant Grow Medium

Largest Producers and Exporters of 100% Natural organic Multipurpose CoCo Coir Peat Plant Growing/Potting Medium of different grades for different grower needs and applications. 


CoCo Coir Peat is the 'coir fiber pith' or 'coir dust' produced as a bi-product when coconut husks are processed for the extraction of the long fibers from the husk. CoCo Coir Peat is the binding material that comes from the fiber fraction of the coconut husk.


A very Special Grade of coir dust is washed, screened and graded before being processed into various CoCo Coir Peat products for Horticultural and Agricultural applications.


CoCo Coir Peat is a multi-purpose soil conditioner and growing medium. It is consistent and uniform in texture. It is a completely homogenous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges, that absorb and hold up to eight times it's own weight in water. 


The natural pH of 5.7 to 6.5, plus an unusually high Cation Exchange Capacity - and 27% of Easily Available Water assures that coir will hold and release nutrients in solution over extended periods without rewatering.

2 years ago

Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer

Exporters of 100% Biodegradable Organic GreeNeem Neem Cake / Neem seed meal Organic Fertilizer with pest repellent and nematicides property.


GreeNeem Neem cake is the Neem seed meal obtained as residue while extracting Neem Oil from Indian Neem Seed Kernels by Cold Pressed Extraction Process.


The dual activity of GreeNeem Neem Cake as Best Organic Fertilizer and Pest Repellent has made it as a favored Agri input. The high Azadirachtin content in GreeNeem Neem cake protects crops against parasite nematodes and acts as best soil conditioner.


Applications of Neem Cake in Agricultures

GreeNeem Neem cake comes in Granule form and pellet form and unsurpassed effectiveness is established with the Granules form and Hobby Gardeners can go for the GreeNeem cake pellet forms.